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Our Cheap Cars For Sale In Gauteng Offer You High-Value Used Cars Options With A Warranty-Covered Peace of Mind Pre-Owned Experience

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, many cheap cars for sale in Gauteng can be found in the online and print auto traders.  However, beware where you buy and if you are buying a private vehicle or from an unknown dealer with no proven record of accomplishment, you do so at your own risk – and at your peril.  In these cases, it would be prudent to do your homework thoroughly and take an expert along to ensure you are getting a “clean” car.

Used Cars from the Established Experts

However, if you buy used cars from us, you know you deal with established experts that have been in the business a long time – and we are IDA-approved as well.  As an added reassurance, we have our own qualified F&I personnel on-site to assist you with vehicle finance from major financing institutions, and this alone is proof enough that we are no fly-by-night dealership.  You really need all the reassurance you can get, because there is no shortage of ruthless “backyard” dealers waiting to do people in that buy used cars naïvely.

Pre-owned Cars you can Trust

We only sell pre-owned cars you can trust and our commitment is to a flawless customer experience, superb service and only the best, most reliable and cheap cars for sale in Gauteng.  Here are just some of the reasons why you get a unique used car buying experience when you buy from us:

  • Massive choice: we have over 400 cars on our stock list at any one time and if you cannot find what you are looking for, let us look for it.
  • Convenience: we are open seven days a week from 07h00 to 18h00 on weekdays, from 08h00 to 15h00 on Saturdays and from 10h00 to 13h00 on Sundays, so you can pop in at any time and browse our vehicle at your leisure.
  • F&I: Our qualified F&I staff will assist you with finance and insurance.
  • Warranties: several warranty products are offered to give you added peace of mind if the vehicle you are buying is already beyond its warranty period.
  • Easy finance: we finance all the vehicles we sell, even those cars that are older and that your bank would not have financed for you in your own capacity.
  • Confidence: we are IDA-approved, so you can buy our pre-owned cars with confidence.

The Advantages of Buying Used

Our cheap cars for sale in Gauteng confer you an immediate cost advantage over buying new, but there are several other compelling advantages to buying a sound used car:

  • The cost saving: the first and obvious advantage is that a used car is cheaper to buy than a new car and the initial steep drop in residual value has already taken place, so you do not only pay less, but your used car depreciate more slowly than a new one.
  • The “other” brands: many alternative and slow-selling brands build excellent cars but they are not popular new because their relative scarcity may mean that they depreciate rapidly.  However, this also makes them excellent used buys and as long as you do not pay too much, some of these cars you may not have considered new, make worthwhile used purchases.
  • Warranty coverage: modern cars have such extensive warranties, service and maintenance plans that if you buy a relatively recent model, you stand to benefit from a substantial portion of the remaining factory coverage.  Alternatively, many excellent after-market warranty products are available from us.

As you can see, there is very little risk in buying sound used cars and pre-owned cars bought from reputable dealers with good warranty products can offer you the same peace of mind of a new car.  Have a look at all our cheap cars for sale in Gauteng today.

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